When Does My Car Need Servicing?


We’re all prone to slip-ups at one time or another. Our cars are no different – although we care for them like children, guarding them against too much strain and pressure, there can be a slew of problems under your nose, gradually trying to tell you something isn’t quite right. Unless, that is, you get a car serviced regularly.


You may have wondered just how often this should be done. Well, fret no more: while there isn’t a template answer for every road user, here are some hints as to when your car is probably due a trip to the service station:


The dashboard’s going haywire

Nothing quite says ‘I’m not feeling very well’ like the blinkered klaxon of a dashboard light refusing to go away. It could be one you’ve never seen before, or relate to a component of your vehicle that seems in rude health. Your owner’s manual will at least give you some indication of what a new, ominous light could mean, and clarify which symbols are the most worrying.


Since the dashboard is your car’s primary communicative medium, don’t ever ignore a flashing light, even if you don’t fully understand it. A service report will ascertain whether it’s a slight fault in the system, or something more troublesome to fix.


Your mileage is over 30,000

A box-fresh car should have its first service after an initial 15,000 miles, depending on manufacturer guidelines. This could be lumped in as a stipulation of your warranty, with any repairs you make yourself – even for such minor things as an oil change – at risk of voiding that agreement.


Servicing requirements are almost always set on an annual basis, 12 months from the date of purchase. However, the 30,000-mile mark is seen as the proper test of how road-worthy a vehicle is.


Car servicing for vehicles over 30,000 miles is a lot more extensive, accounting for coolant levels, steering fluid, lights and brakes, amongst other features, seeing as your vehicle may have degenerated slightly during this time.


Faulty air-con

The majority of modern cars are fitted with air conditioning, which is a lifesaver for muggy, traffic-piled days. Just like any convenience, though, it has a finite window of use before it effectiveness starts to wane.


Your air-con system should be recharged every 2 years or so, preventing refrigerant gas from depleting totally, and to inspect any cracks that may have blossomed since the car came into your hands.


If you sense the airflow has deteriorated, think about sending your vehicle for a service. If you don’t, that’s all the more slack for your engine to pick up, which is rarely good news.


While most of us are genuinely concerned about the health of our cars, a temptation does exist to hope for the best. When slight hiccups in your car’s functionality can balloon into serious issues, the most assured method of saving your own time, cash and peace of mind is to be on-point with your servicing schedule.


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