How To Keep Your BMW Running Smoothly



Taking care of your vehicle is a no-brainer for people who genuinely love their ride. Like a typical best friend, no two are ever the same, putting the onus on you to find out what makes your car purr, and how best to keep it in rude health for the road.


If you’re the proud owner of a BMW, it’s crucial to recognise that it has a specific makeup that shouldn’t be attended by generic servicing. Every car is unique, and it’s important to find a mechanic that’s clued up about the model you’re sending for an MOT or car service.


Here are some words of wisdom for keeping that BMW in the best shape of its life:


Everything in its place


When a car’s crying out for replacement parts, it’s a very bad idea to change anything that a manufacturer has specifically designed for great performance. Oil filters, coolant systems and brake cylinders are just some components at risk of failure, and each of them have exact variants tailor-made for a BMW’s internal composition.


An experienced technician should therefore be able to source pieces of kit that match the original equivalent (OE) of whatever they’re taking out. If not, they’ll be working like unqualified doctors, splicing the wrong organs into their patient’s body. Everything might run smoothly for a while, but faults may occur as the car’s circuitry runs into problems with the substitutes. It’s therefore vital to ensure every piece of new equipment has OE status.


Quality testing


If your BMW is three years old or more, you’re legally required to bring it in for an annual MOT inspection. This is the minimum standard you’ll have to pass for the car to remain on the road, and MOT technicians will be able to tell, in a short space of time, whether your vehicle is up to snuff.


It takes years of practised checks on a specific car model to guarantee nothing slips under the radar. Our BMW experts can identify a problem a mile off, and if you need to have us take the microscope to a deeper problem, we’ll perform a full service using vehicle diagnostics.


Again, this process is vastly helped by a prior understanding of what a BMW should or shouldn’t be able to do – whether you’ve got a modest convertible 3 Series, or a shark-like Gran Coupe, knowledge of their capabilities is a must for thorough and accurate service reports.


Dealing with change


So, the one-size-fits-all approach is never ideal for any car; it’ll mar your vehicle’s performance history faster than a nasty pothole if bespoke parts aren’t sourced, verified, and fixed to the right standard. If modifications have been made before the car came into your possession, you should know exactly what they are, and only a trained professional can see what transformations a BMW has endured. Plus, technicians will be able to fill any gaps in its service history, chasing up a dealership for answers.


With this in mind, you should have a local garage that can do all of these things, applying its rigorous BMW expertise whenever possible. York Auto Centre is a one-stop shop for repairs, MOTs and car servicing in York, so call us on 01904 785742 or email for more information.





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